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Robert Rongier

Wildlife and pet portraits

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Migration pastel 47 cm x 67 cm (from a photo by Geneviève Hamelin)


Càit Coloured pencil 28cm x 36cm (from a photo by Jane Willis Jones.)


"I'll survive"a stray kitten in a Bangkok street.
Colored pencils on paper . 29cm X 21 cm


"Sweet street cat in Bangkok" staring at a gecko on a wall.
Pastel on mi-teintes touch . 30cm X 22 cm


Asian golden cat (Pardofelis temmincki).
Inspired by a reference photograph I took in december 2013 at "Parc des Félins" 45 kms south-east from Paris.

"Chat de Temmink" gouache on paper . 30cm X 42 cm

Finished Painting.

This is Speedy a wild Rusty spotted cat (Prionailurus rubiginosus).
Inspired by a photograph I took in october 2013 at "Parc des Félins".

"Speedy" pastel on pastel card . 30cm X 42 cm

Finished Painting.